3 Tips for Hiring Property Maintenance Services in Beverly Hills, CA

3 Tips for Hiring Property Maintenance Services in Beverly Hills, CA

Maintaining a home costs an average of $16,000 every year. This includes routine maintenance and dealing with emergencies that pop up.

Keeping a rental property in proper condition is even more important. It not only keeps your tenants happy but saves you from legal issues.

There can come a point when it feels like a sinking ship. Every time you plug one hole, another one lets in water.

Read on to learn three tips for hiring property maintenance services in Beverly Hills, CA.

1. Check Their License and Insurance

Property maintenance in Beverly Hills is essential to maintain the area's standards for habitable property. These include the proper amount of:

  • Waterproofing
  • Plumbing and water
  • Heating
  • Electrical lighting
  • Number of garbage cans
  • Safe floors, stairways, and railings
  • Mailboxes

The property maintenance service you choose also has to follow the law. This includes the proper license and insurance.

Use their website or professional boards to check their credentials. It's not only a legal issue. It lets you know that they're experienced and qualified enough to work on your property.

Ask them for proof of insurance. Otherwise, you could be liable for any accidents or damage that occur while they're working.

2. Look Locally and Online

Focus your search on local Beverly Hills property maintenance services. They know the area and can provide solutions tailored to its unique environmental and economic conditions.

Maintenance issues can pop up at any time. You need a team that can come to fix them immediately without having to drive to the property from miles away.

Pick a few local options and start researching them online. See what types of property maintenance services they offer. These could include:

Find out if they have a strong reputation. Do community members speak well of them? Do they have positive reviews and testimonials? Do they have a long list of successful projects?

Research their team as well. What types of maintenance professionals are they using? Are they qualified and experienced? Do they work with local property management companies?

3. Communicate With Them

Property maintenance jobs require open communication from beginning to end. It's essential to know what's happening at each step of the process.

Interview each property maintenance team. It gives you a sense of how they'll communicate with you.

They need to be available at all times. Maintenance problems don't always work on a schedule, so they need to be ready to respond to sudden emergencies.

They need to keep you up to date on everything that's going on in the property. This means detailed reports on everything they do, even if it's as small as a new coat of paint.

Where Can I Get Property Maintenance Services?

Property maintenance services keep your rental property habitable and profitable. Check that they're qualified, look locally, research them online, and make sure they're communicating with you.

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